Let’s face it. Weddings are a lot of work. You’ve poured your heart and soul into each decision. From the font style on your invitations to the type of socks the groomsmen will wear, you and your significant other have discussed a lot of details. Don’t let wedding insurance be an overlooked detail.
Consider this: According to the Brides 2018 American Wedding Study, the average wedding cost in 2018 was $44,000 and the average premium for wedding insurance is $150-$400.

• Many wedding venues require that the couple carry wedding insurance — by purchasing a policy, you’ll be able to meet their requirements
• If a vendor doesn’t show up on your wedding day, you might not be able to recover your deposits without insurance
• It’s possible to misplace important items on the big day, such as jewelry, and we’ve all heard stories about gifts being stolen — insurance can protect you if this happens
• If you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, you could be held responsible if a guest drives intoxicated and injures someone
If you have auto insurance for a car you drive every day, why wouldn’t you purchase wedding insurance for the biggest day of your life?


**When Melanie and Robert chose their October wedding date, they thought the weather would be perfect; they definitely didn’t anticipate Hurricane Sandy. Their venue was unable to host their wedding due to damages. Having the right insurance policy would help Melanie and Robert recover any lost deposits because of needing to reschedule.

**Laura and Frederick planned a fun line dance during their reception. As the line of people made its way around the room, one of the guests accidentally bumped into Laura’s elderly aunt who was seated near the DJ. Her chair tipped over, and she injured her head and broke her hip. Having the right insurance policy would help Laura and Frederick cover Laura’s aunt’s medical bills.

**Alex and Aaron spent months researching the perfect photographer for their wedding. After a successful engagement shoot, they decided to book the company for the big day. After their wedding, Alex and Aaron received an email from the lead photographer, saying he could not transfer the photos to his computer due to an equipment malfunction. Having the right insurance policy would help Alex and Aaron reconcile this issue.

General liability – Provides coverage if someone trips and falls or is injured at the wedding. Provides coverage if you or a guest damages property at the venue.
Liquor liability – Provides coverage if you are held liable for a guest injuring someone while driving intoxicated.
Medical payments – If a guest is injured during the wedding, this covers medical expenses.
Cancellation – This can protect you against financial loss if you need to reschedule the wedding due to severe weather or a venue going out of business.
Lost deposits – This protects your deposits if a vendor falls through/doesn’t show up.
Damage to wedding attire – Provides coverage if wedding attire is damaged.
Photography/Videography – If these vendors don’t show up or if your photos are damaged, this coverage can offer protection.
Gifts – This can provide coverage if your wedding gifts are stolen on the day of the wedding.
Jewelry –If special jewelry is lost or stolen on the day of the wedding, this coverage can provide protection.
Rehearsal/Brunch – This provides liability coverage if you decide to host a rehearsal dinner and a day-after brunch.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only.  The information contained is not intended to constitute and should not be considered legal or professional advice, nor does it represent that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy.