Ready or not – Winter is on the way!  Make sure your snow removal contractors are protected.

Every year, people are injured when they slip & fall on icy or snowy parking lots and sidewalks.  Below are a few steps your insured can take to reduce the chance of being held negligent or legally liable for slip & fall injuries:

  • Review and have a clear understanding of the snow removal contract.  Understand the services you are to provide (snow removal, salting, shoveling, etc.); any expectations and triggers (such as if plowing is required when snow reaches 2 inches); and any expected time frame for starting and completing operations.  
  • Keep track of the dates, times, and locations of where you perform snow removal, salting, etc.  You may also want to keep proof of work performed in the way of pictures – both before and after work is completed.
  • Snow piles resulting from plowing can also be hazardous.  Know where the plowed snow should be placed to keep the public safe.
  • Make sure you have Commercial General Liability insurance for snow removal operations.  If you already have Commercial General Liability in place for your other operations, such as landscaping, tree trimming, etc., you may be able to add the snow removal exposure to your policy.

Please contact our experienced Underwriters at Erickson-Larsen Inc and Bjornson/Sentinel-E&L to discuss coverage options. Applications are available on our website for these and many other types of risks.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general information purposes only.  The information contained is not intended to constitute and should not be considered legal or professional advice, nor does it represent that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any policy.