A properly-maintained fire suppression system is an important part of any commercial kitchen’s equipment if they have grills or deep-fat fryers.  Cooking releases grease into the air, and it collects on surfaces which can spread an open flame quickly.  Just one of many suppression system manufacturers is ANSUL, a term used to describe a variety of manufacturers’ systems.

The equipment is mounted in a kitchen’s hood system above grills and deep-fat fryers, with pipes leading to nozzles aimed at the cooking equipment. Release of fire suppression chemicals is triggered automatically by sensors detecting a fire.  The chemicals cut off oxygen to a fire, extinguishing the flames.  Wet chemical systems are proven far superior to dry chemicals, hand-held extinguishers, and other products.

Some insurance companies require a wet fire suppression system professionally-serviced at least once every six months, and anytime it is activated.  Quick extinguishing of kitchen fires is important not only for protection of property, but also for liability for your clients’ customers and employees.

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